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Recent Articles:

Broadband connectivity : Past, present and future

In April 2015 Commissioner Oettinger concluded a speech about the need for adequate broadband connectivity in Europe by asking: “What capacity do our fixed and mobile digital networks need to meet future connectivity needs beyond 2020?” 

Tech4i2 has undertaken a number of broadband and wireless studies for the Commission.  This paper provides our thoughts on targets for 2030.

Sunshine factor explains internet use in Europe

It was relatively well known that in the days of fixed landline telephones the number of calls decreased in summer.  After many years of observing internet connectivity trends Tech4i2 had the bright idea of examining the relationship between sunshine and internet use in Europe.


Regression analysis found a significant and consistent relationship between internet use and sunshine.  This previously unreported finding has considerable significance for policymakers attempting to overcome the north-south digital divide in Europe.